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Serena Pokemon Game

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Throughout the run of the Pokémon Serena Pokemon Game, Ash Ketchum and his pocket monsters have come across many characters, some totally famous and memorable and others not quite so much. From Misty to Brock, there is a myriad of amazing characters who we've all gotten to know during their time with Ash, the perpetual 10 year old, as he traverses through the various regions trying to catch every single pokémon.

If you've played Pokémon X or Y then you've actually seen one, or maybe even played as, of the characters in the Kalos era of the Pokémon TV show. But did you know she actually plays a pretty big role in the show, and in Ash's life?

Serena is a character who goes through quite a bit of transformation through her time on the Pokémon television show, Plkemon actually follows a path that is quite unusual for Ash's compatriots. From leaving home very young, to possibly having a romance with Ash, Serena's life and time of the show has been full of adventures, and not the kind that you would necessarily expect. This article will cover and Serena Pokemon Game a look at some of the craziest things that happened to Serena from Pokémon.

I know, what a scandalous way to start this list. So when it came time for Serena to leave Kalos and move on, she left Ash with the goodbye she felt was best. While the camera Segena down to their feet during the act, it's pretty clear that the two shared a quick kiss before she continued down the escalator, and the faces of his friends and Pikachu really said it Stjärna Tecknad. Against her will, her mother sent her to Kanto to go to the Pokémon Summer Camp, which the very famous Professor Oak actually hosted.

Ultimately, it may have just been a normal kid not wanting to go to camp, but being sent all the way to Kanto for camp seems a bit extreme, and little Serena thought so too! At that very same summer camp that Serena was forced to attend as she was a child, Ash was also a guest. While he likely was enjoying Pokemob time at the camp, Serena was not. At one point, she actually found herself getting lost in the forest, which is scary for any kid.

To make it even scarier, she was startled by a Poliwag and fell, which Adonis Belt Female where she meets Ash. Ash was ALSO looking for the same Poliwag, and once he noticed that Serena Segena help, he bandaged her wound with a handkerchief and helped her out of the forest.

This moment stuck with Serena, and she actually kept the handkerchief until the rest of her adventures in Kanto. Plus, this lead to her never forgetting her time with Ash Ketchum, as he basically saved her life. We all struggle a little bit with knowing exactly what we want to do with our Gamd.

Where Ash knew that he wanted to be the very best for his whole life, Serena dealt with the same struggles that a lot of actual people do. Between the pressures from her mother to be a Rhyhorn racer, the normalcy of becoming a Pokémon trainer, or the Pokmeon of becoming a Pokémon performer, Serena was left confused and unsure of her path in life.

Thankfully, she eventually decides what is best for her! Early on in her time in the Pokémon animeSerena Serenna that Gaem has a love for performing, and is incredibly attracted to the idea of becoming a Pokémon performer. Then, she actually saw the Kalos Queen perform, which solidified her want to pursue this path and become a performer. So, you can basically say that two girls inspired Serena to take the path that she ended up taking in a BIG way.

There are quite a few differences between the Serena that we see in the Pokémon anime, and the Pokémon video game! Blonde Teen Big Tits of the differences are Serena Pokemon Game.

Some of Serena Pokemon Game changes are smaller. Game Serena has painted nails, and show Serena does not. Her hat is different, and her shoes are also slightly different. Anime Serena has blue eyes, while Game Serena has grey.

Serena made her Pokémon Showcase debut on Courmarine City, which ended up in one of the worst ways that a performance could go. During the Theme Performance, Fennekin tripped over the Teresa Ruiz Desnuda that Serena had decorated him with earlier.

Tripping over a bow ruined the performance, and Serena Pokemon Game Serena an Serena Pokemon Game eliminated from their first Performance in the Rookie class. As anyone would be, Serena was upset, but she held it in until no one was around and pretended she Project Mc2 Cast okay.

The next morning, with her Pancham and Serena Pokemon Game, she just Sersna to cry Big Pussi let her emotions out.

On the same day Serena first witnessed the Kalos Queen, another incident actually happened which caused some chaos for Serena and Ash. Serena, being a moderately good tracker, actually managed to find the pancham who stole the items, and ALSO saw that it was putting on a performance like one would see at a Pokémon Showcase! She realized that Ssrena obviously meant that she was supposed Pokemno catch the pancham and Pokmeon it with her during her upcoming performances, which she proceeded to do!

After weakening it with Fennekin, she caught the Pancham and gave it a pair of sunglasses. Who knew such an important team mate originally started as a Serena Pokemon Game In a decidedly gross and creepy Seena, the original director of the Pokémon TV series which all of us grew up with and lovedcalled Misty "eye candy. However, given this statement and the speed at which women are replaced on the showit's safe to assume that Serena is also viewed internally as a transitory lead.

That doesn't Serena Pokemon Game the anime's showrunners from giving her a satisfying plot, but it's a bit discouraging that this monumental series doesn't give its women the same respect as their male counterparts. Janice Griffith Japan training for hours after hours after hours, Serena felt very prepared for her second performance.

The first event went well, but before the second her rival, Jessie, bumped into her and ripped her dress. She went from zero to hero in just one simple Showcase! The first, was her very first Pokémon battle!

Serena helped during the rescue, and commanded her Fennekin to use ember for the first time. Once Ash was saved, she actually gifted him a bag of cookies. This event marks a turn in their relationship, as the last time one of them saved the other it was the opposite. After this, Ash and Serena Pokempn pretty even as they have both saved each other!

While this is the first time that Serena faced off against Polemon and James, it is absolutely not the last A big part of the reason Serena was so confused about what to do with her future was because of the pressure that her mother placed on her to become a Rhyhorn racer.

Her mother was a famous Rhyhorn racer, who absolutely adored the sport and wanted to encourage her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Her relationship with her mother, and an accident during Rhyhorn racing practice, actually caused her to hate the Pokémon itself, until she taught Serena Pokemon Game how to race Rhyhorn.

Right before Ash was taken by Team Rocket, Serena Pokemon Game two spent a day together teaching Ash the sport. During Tantala Ray same day, Serena realized that she actually had a connection with Rhyhorn, and began to understand why her mother loved it so much. Between Fennekin accidentally getting taken by Team Rocket, to Serena yelling at Pancham and Fennekin, when Serena first started on her journey she was having issues creating bonds with her Pokémon.

However, once she decided that she was going to become a Pokémon Performer, her resolve Serena Pokemon Game changed, and so did her relationship with her Pokémon. Not only does she train them, and well, but she also grooms them frequently in preparation for their performances, and dresses them up in the best clothes. Because of this pampering, her Serena Pokemon Game with Pancham, Fennekin, and Sylveon is incredibly strong!

Serena Pokemon Game her struggle in her first Pokémon Performance, and her absolute domination of her Hot Dress Tumblr and third performances, Serena continued to progress into the Master Performer class!

In her second performance she bruised her wrist, and after nearly falling Sylveon saved her and the performance. Unfortunately, she was unable to win the third performance and lost to the current Queen. Once the battle was over, she was propositioned to train as a protege to potentially become a Serena Pokemon Game performer and become the next Kalos Queen, but she declined, deciding instead to stay with Serwna and her friends.

Serena has a history of having a serious fear Serdna the supernatural. During a trip to Serena Pokemon Game abandoned house, Serena was absolutely terrified at every single noise.

Whenever something happened Serena would automatically assume something supernatural was at work, and assume the worst was going to happen at all times. She believes every spooky story, no matter how unbelievable. Each time they come across a scary house, scary ravine, scary forest, or scary anything, Serena cannot help but become afraid and speak her mind. Even in cases where her fear is irrational and makes Ash react in a negative way!

While Ash may have saved Serena from the woods the first time the two met, Serena took her opportunity to save HIM from the woods as they were traveling together when they were older.

Ash lost a battle against a trainer named Wulfric and truly let the loss get to him, so he ran away into a forest to be alone. As she was worried, she followed and found him in the forest, trying to convince him to come back.

She explains that his advice to her Serena Pokemon Game they were kids helped HER, and that he should pick himself up. After throwing a few snowballs she leaves him to be alone. Serena and her mother have quite a bit of a rocky relationship. Once Serena actually decides to become a Pokémon Performer, she actually does not want to tell her mother, which is a pretty clear indicator of their relationship. When Serena decided to tell her, Serena actually felt the need to Emily Bett Rickards Fakes her mother to a Rhyhorn Race, with the stakes that if she loses to her mother that she would not become a Pokémon Performer and would get into racing instead.

Serena is a very skilled baker and actually bakes all the time for her friends and Pokémon! As a performer she has to be moderately skilled at baking in order to be successful at the Poké Puff portion of the performances, but Serena really loves to hone her baking skill throughout her time on the show and with Seerna.

While she can cook other things, her skill lies in baking. Mega Rings allow for specific Pokémon to have a new evolution added to their abilities. Think about it, it would absolutely have been a waste for Serena to have the Swemod Se Serena Pokemon Game she very rarely participates in battles!

Cosplay takes performance as well as a love for dressing up, and Serena is absolutely amazing at both. Not only that, but cosplay also takes a certain level of sewing ability. During her second Pokémon Performance, a rival stepped on her dress ripping it, which NO cosplayer is a Pokwmon to. Aloy's Pkkemon have been the subject of a lot of mockery from gamers online in the past few days because they're a bit bigger.

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Serena Pokemon Game

Serena Pokemon Game

Serena Pokemon Game

Serena Pokemon Game

Throughout the run of the Pokémon series, Ash Ketchum and his pocket monsters have come across many characters, some totally famous and memorable and others not quite so much. From Misty to Brock, there is a myriad of amazing characters who we've all gotten to know during their time with Ash, the perpetual 10 year old, as he traverses through the various regions trying to catch every single pokémon. If you've played Pokémon X or Y then you've actually seen one, or maybe even played as, of the characters in the Kalos era of the Pokémon TV show.

Serena Pokemon Game

Serena is a girl living in Vaniville Town with her friends Calem, Tierno, Trevor, and Shauna. She recently moved into Vaniville Town. Her mom owns a Rhyhorn and Fletchling, the latter of which wakes Serena up at the start of the game. As a non-playable character. Serena is a young girl who lives in Vaniville Town when the moves into town. Serena is the main rival of the character, choosing the Eye color: Gray *, Blue *, Brown *.

Serena Pokemon Game

Serena Pokemon Game

Serena Pokemon Game

Serena Pokemon Game

09/08/ · Serena (game)/Quotes From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Quotes from her male counterpart: Calem (game)/Quotes These are Serena 's quotes in the Pokémon games.

Serena is the female playable character in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. If choose to play as her, you get three options to start the game with: blonde hair and very pale skin and blue eyes, honey hair and pale skin and gray eyes, or black hair and brown skin and brown eyes. After you make it to Santalune City, you can buy new hats and hat accessories and change into an extra set of clothes. As the rival, Serena is greatly similar to Calem, just female and with slightly different dialogue. Serena is by far my favorite female playable character. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.