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The series was first released on August 7, The last set of episodes was released on November 7, Set in Projet fictional town of Maywood Glen, California, and revolving around the fields of STEMthe series follows the adventures of McKeyla McAlister and her best friends, who work for a government organization called NOV8 pronounced "innovate"a highly secretive group of female government operatives who are Project Mc2 Cast to protect MMc2 world.

The first season of the series, consisting of three episodes, was released on August 7, The second season was released on August 12,[8] and the third season was released on October 14, An extended minute Valentine's Day special Project Mc2 Cast released as the first and only episode of the fourth season on February 14, A sixth season, also consisting of five episodes, was released on November 7, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Project MC2. American streaming television series. Comedy Educational. Los Angeles Projetc. Project Mc 2. Season 1. Project Mc2 Cast 1. August 7, Event occurs at Bryden: Whoa! McKeyla McAlister. That's MC. Season 2. Episode 3. August 12, McKeyla : Their specialty here is the churrochino. Kyle : That sounds good. Adrienne : Two churrochinos coming right up!

Kyle : How'd she hear us? McKeyla : She's from Spain. The Mary Sue. Retrieved August 12, Episode 2. McKeyla : Understood. The Project Mc2 Cast : Good. It's her birthday. McKeyla : Don't worry, Mom. Cazt didn't forget. Season 3. October 14, McKeyla: Aunt Montana!

Uh, I mean, Falcon! Retrieved May 4, Deadline Hollywood. USA Today. Retrieved September 27, SmartIsTheNewCool t. Retrieved February 14, — via Twitter. Netflix original ended series — Current series Original ended series onwards Continuation Fotboll Tecknad Specials Upcoming series. Categories : s American comedy television series s American high school television series American television series debuts American television series endings English-language television shows Espionage television series MGA Entertainment brands Netflix children's programming English-language Netflix original programming Television shows set in California Awesomeness company Fictional secret agents and spies Science education television series.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to Project Mc2 Cast Community portal Caxt changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Gabriel Mann Jeannie Lurie. Joe Johnson William Kevin Anderson. Barry Norwood Vincent De Paula. Dolby Digital 5. August 7, — RPoject 7, February 14, Axon Svets 15, Teen Downblouse November 7, McKeyla McAlister receives a new mission.

She transfers to a school in Maywood Glen, where she bumps into two girls, Camryn and Bryden. A computer AI program in her notebook, A. Meanwhile, Space Inc.

The girls suspect McKeyla is involved, and ask Adrienne to help them get the fingerprint from the laptop. They steal McKeyla's pen and manage to get a partial fingerprint match. They follow her, but shortly, McKeyla Mandy Muse Planetsuzy that they had given her a Czst pen and catches the girls spying on her.

She reveals that they are trying to protect the prince, and invites the girls to join McKeyla in the mission. McKeyla is doubting that the girls can take the job seriously enough, and would prefer working alone, but NOV8 Projectt her to have extra support due to the threat against the prince. McKeyla wants the girls to show her their skills. Adrienne makes a volcano cake. Bryden takes a picture of McKeyla and hacks into her lab's wireless system to display it on every screen in the lab.

Camryn makes a "portable police scanner with added features", which they use to locate the prince. The girls notice a suspicious Project Mc2 Cast, and manage to distract the guards and break into the facility where they're keeping the prince.

They warn the prince that someone might be trying to kidnap him, and they take him to Bryden's house. NOV8 discovers that the prince's capsule will come close to a U.

Meanwhile, their location is discovered because Bryden tweeted from there, so they take the prince to a NOV8 safe house. Later, they find out that the logo they saw on the car belongs to a cyber security company called Black Star. A few minutes later, the girls get distracted and the prince disappears.

The girls research the organization called Black Star, and interrogate one of their top agents, who believes that they are doing wrong but is too scared to turn them in to the authorities.

It turns out that they were not trying to kidnap the prince at all, but instead they are using his luggage to store a device that can be used to hack into a Priject satellite. It will allow Black Star to access each and every person's personal data, such as email, texting, and other information that they can then sell for billions of dollars. The four sneak into the launch site, find Japanese Newsreader Porn device inside the prince's luggage, and destroy it Mv2 they are caught by security.

Black Star's head, Darone, is caught and Jillian, the prince's assistant, is revealed to be working for them out of contempt that the prince can boss her around and she can do nothing about it, and sent to jail as well. In the end, the prince goes to space and he sends the girls a Snapchat from space, and McKeyla is given permission from the Quail to stay at Maywood Glen as her base.

She is shown to be attending school with her friends. The four girls are demoted back to basics after they make a big deal out Csst saving the prince in Part 1. They are not allowed on any mission, even as a suspicious figure, Carson Lazarus, a criminal mastermind, is released from jail. Soon after, a figure who calls themselves "Retro" causes all technology to malfunction and glitch in Maywood Glen. The girls strongly suspect that the two are linked.

Meanwhile, McKeyla tries to fit in and becomes "study buddies" with Kyle Lewis, a rather awkward and Project Mc2 Cast teenager. The Quail allows the four girls to figure out this case. McKeyla becomes increasingly suspicious of Kyle, but soon dismisses the idea of him being Retro. They also suspect Devon Zoe Kazan Nude, a troublemaker, as she spray-paints handcuffs on a picture of a drone on a poster about the upcoming launch. All four girls except Bry, who has to babysit, make ways to get detention on Saturday with Devon.

Bry runs a vocal recognition as Cam and Adri confront the troublemaker and McKeyla looks through her bag. Devon is proven to be innocent, just using the school's 3D printer to make skulls for her nana's birthday. The three hide in the janitor's closet as the assistant principal walks by, and find out that Retro is planning to send a radio signal to the drone, making it crash, and pipe laughing gas through the vents so when the drone crashes, everybody will be Project Mc2 Cast.

Project Mc2 Cast

Project Mc2 Cast

Project Mc2 Cast

The series was first released on August 7,

Project Mc2 Cast

Series Cast. Mika Abdalla. McKeyla McAlister 26 episodes, Ysa Penarejo. Camryn Coyle 26 episodes,

Project Mc2 Cast

Project Mc2 Cast

Project Mc2 Cast

07/08/ · Project Mc²: Created by Jordana Arkin. With Mika Abdalla, Ysa Penarejo, Victoria Vida, Genneya Walton. McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden, and Camryn are four super smart and science-skilled girls recruited to join the spy organization, NOV/10().