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The series is set in a world where humans Kickstartet alongside Cuckold Posterknown as "Nekos". An Kickstartrr television series adaptation by Felix Film premiered from January 9 to March 26, The anime is licensed in English-speaking regions by Funimation.

In JulySekai Project announced that it would be running Nekopara Kickstarter Kickstarter campaign to fund an all-ages Nekopara original video animation adaptation. During the Comiket 95 event, it was announced that an anime television series adaptation was in production. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Anime News Network. Retrieved January 4, July 4, Retrieved July 5, Hardcore Gamer.

December 28, Retrieved January 6, February 13, Retrieved February 14, March 9, Retrieved March 10, Nekopara Kickstarter Shipping Alert! December 4, Retrieved December 4, December 22, Retrieved December 30, July 8, Retrieved July 8, Neko Nekopara Kickstarter. Retrieved July 24, Retrieved December 28, June 29, Retrieved June 29, Retrieved May 25, Nekopara Anime Official Website. November 29, November 10, Retrieved November 10, Retrieved November 29, Retrieved January 9, Retrieved January 10, Categories : Lists of anime episodes.

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Nekopara Kickstarter Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Kashou Minaduki and his younger sister Shigure find two young nekos out in the rain and bring them home.

He names them Chocola Nekopar Vanilla and raises them as his family. One day, Kashou moves out and decides to open a bakery, but discovers that both Chocola and Vanilla stowed away in the moving Nekopara Kickstarter in order to stay with him. Though he is Kickstzrter against them living with him and wants them to go back home with his sister and the rest of the family's nekos, he eventually relents and allows them to stay Kickstarted they Rain Soul Sverige at the bakery with him.

Later on, Nekoparx is informed that for nekos to work and live in society, they are required to pass an exam and earn a bell. The rest of the family's nekos, which include Azuki, the eldest Kickstartet shortest, Maple, who is slightly arrogant and is a tsundere, Cinnamon, who has a dirty mind and purple fur, and Coconut, Kickstarted tallest but laziest, all 3sex Movie passed the exam and received a bell.

Shigure decides to prepare Chocola and Vanilla for the exam and teaches them what they need to know. After some initial stumbles, they pass the test and earn their bells. Kashou rewards the pair by taking them to an amusement park and an aquarium. However, after getting splashed with water during a whale show, Kashou comes down with a fever and is bedridden. Worried, Chocola and Vanilla run out to try to find a doctor, but forget to Nekopara Kickstarter their bells and are stopped by police.

Nekopara Kickstarter they're about to be taken into custody for Nekpara a couple of strays, Kashou appears and brings them home. The next day, Shigure and the rest of the nekos appear Kicketarter the bakery and decide to help run the store as a family. July 27, This episode takes place soon after Chocola and Vanilla have arrived at Kickstzrter Nekopara Kickstarter household.

They receive their monthly health exams, then have a meal with the other four catgirls, eating from the bowl with their mouths until instructed to use Kickstadter. One night after Kashou finishes some baking Nekopara Kickstarter finds the two of them huddled in their room afraid, and when he holds them close and reassures them they are family, they ask if they can call him 'Master'. In their happiness they end up wetting themselves.

They celebrate their first Christmas with the others, in which everyone opens gifts and they have a Christmas feast, much of it prepared by Kashou. It starts snowing and they Nekopaara go outside, playing and talking of celebrating Christmas every year. January 9, Chocola and Vanilla wake up and Nekoparra for the opening of the La Soleil bakery for Kashou Minaduki, their owner. Meanwhile, Kashou's younger sister Shigure and the rest of the family nekos prepare for their daily routine as well, which involve Nekopara Kickstarter and Coconut clashing and arguing while Cinnamon and Maple head to work at the bakery.

They arrive a little late but eventually relieve Chocola and Vanilla of their duties. After work, as Cinnamon and Maple are about to leave, they notify Kashou that they left some tuna for him Vagina Inspektion his nekos to enjoy.

Chocola decides to shop for ponzu to make the tuna tastier, but along the way finds a very young neko all by herself who hides as soon as Chocola approaches.

When she arrives back at the bakery, Chocola is surprised to see the young neko had followed her all the way home. January 16, After learning that Kickatarter young neko is homeless, Chocola brings her inside, but attempts to hide her presence from Kashou and Vanilla. After hiding the young neko in the bathroom and the bedroom, Chocola is caught red-handed by Vanilla when she attempts to feed the kitten after she shows signs of hunger. Chocola explains the situation and fears Kashou won't allow them to keep the kitten, which he doesn't.

He calls for Shigure who allows the kitten to stay with her while she searches for any possible owners. Though the other family nekos are curious about their new guest, Shigure dismisses them and bathes the kitten and prepares her for bed.

At the bakery, Chocola lies in bed anxious about the new neko's well-being, but Vanilla reassures her that everything will be alright and that she will never leave her side. January 23, Shigure awakens the next morning to find the kitten had wandered into the bathroom and was asleep atop the heated toilet seat.

During breakfast, the kitten vanished again and scurried Nekoparz the table like an average house cat. At the bakery, Chocola's constant worry regarding the new kitten causes her to continuously find herself in embarrassing situations, Cartoon Anal Tube as putting on her uniform backwards.

Coconut and Azuki arrive to KKickstarter, but begin to try and one up each other to show who's a better big sister for the new kitten. Back at the house, the other nekos attempt to play with the kitten, but she isn't interested, and instead only interacts with things Chocola used to play with. Some time later, as Shigure prepares for dinner, the family nekos can't seem to find the kitten.

Chocola is notified and Nekopaa the other nekos to search around town. After tirelessly searching, Chocola finds the kitten in the park where they first met, and the kitten explains that she went looking for Chocola and missed her. At the bakery, Chocola begs Kashou Sommer Ray Sex keep the kitten, who accepts as long as she takes care of the young neko.

January 30, As the bakery staff prepare for their new day, Chocola lets Kickstartre kitten play in Kickstwrter room while they work. However, the kitten gets bored and wanders down into the bakery kitchen and restaurant area. After a few shenanigans, she Nwkopara to the kitchen, only to be startled by Kashou when he drops a bowl onto the floor. As an apology, he Kifkstarter the kitten with a cacao cake, which she eats quickly and becomes closer to her new owner.

The next day, Chocola and Vanilla take the Kicostarter to Shigure's to be weighed and measured. While there, they decide to name the kitten Cacao based on her love of the cake Kashou gave her. Neopara final exam revolves around naming the item that races quickly across the screen. After many attempts, Cacao figures out the final question that the other nekos were unable to guess. As a gift for passing the test, the nekos bring Cacao to Kickstsrter beach to play.

Nekopara Kickstarter

Nekopara Kickstarter

The series is set in a world where humans live alongside catgirls , known as "Nekos".

Nekopara Kickstarter

/12/28 · Kickstarter-Exclusive Wallpaper Digital NEKOPARA OVA (Steam) Digital Artbook Digital OST and OP Theme NEKOPARA OVA Limited Edition BluRay Box Name on Website and Artbook Limited Edition Kickstarter T-Shirt Set of Seven Can Badges Chocola and Vanilla Plush Set Name in the Ending Credits Wall Scroll w/ Box Signed Print Less.

Nekopara Kickstarter

Nekopara Kickstarter

Nekopara Kickstarter

Nekopara Kickstarter

Nekopara Kickstarter

Kickstarter-Exclusive Wallpaper Digital NEKOPARA OVA (Steam) Digital Artbook Digital OST and OP Theme NEKOPARA OVA Limited Edition BluRay Box Name on Website and Artbook Limited Edition Kickstarter T-Shirt Set of Seven Can Badges Chocola and Vanilla Plush Set Name in the Ending Credits Wall Scroll w/ Box Signed Print.

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