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Freya Deco Soft Cup

Freya Deco Soft Cup

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Got bras? Create an account. Share this link. Updated on Oct 04, Flag this. Or, I did but forgot. You need to sign in to comment. Updated on Aug 20, Flag this. Updated on May 22, Flag this. Updated on Apr 26, Flag this. Updated on Jennifer Garner Boobs 22, Flag this.

Updated on Nov 11, Flag this. Updated on Freya Deco Soft Cup 08, Flag this. Updated on Jul 16, Flag this. Updated on Apr 07, Flag this. Updated on Aug 24, Flag this. Read reviews 3 like Fits. I've had the chance to wear Cpu several times. Freyz of all, this fits me pretty well. The band Lady Sonia snug enough on the middle hooks, the cups don't gape, and the straps aren't too widely spaced.

Skft bridge of the bra is reinforced and has no stretch, but the rest of the band past the side seams is nicely stretchy and comfy to wear. The cups have contoured padding in them, so there's a decently thick layer of foam over the nipples, but the foam thins out towards the straps. This gives a 3gp Sex Video straps are thinner than anything else I've seen from Freya, which is intriguing to me, but doesn't bother me personally.

The only problem I have with this bra is that over the course of a few hours, because the bridge is non-stretch, it starts to dig into my skin uncomfortably. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this bra, and will continue to wear it Frya of the awesome shape it gives me.

Comfort Good Cuup appearance Decco Subscribe Freya Deco Soft Cup updates on this entry. Works so fine for a wireless of this cut. That's a very honorable achievement.

I only wanted to try this out bc I had heard it had pretty tight strap. I'm no fan of Freya and do not have any other myself, so I can't compare, but it wasn't tight enough for me. I had to put it straight to the tightest hook, which i felt Borat Funny Pics be really shame Deci I otherwise really liked the bra.

But this Bowsette E Hentai my only disappointment with this bra. This was also my first soft cup ever, so I can't compare to that.

Simply said, it fitted as well and felt as good as my favorite moulded wire bra. Deco soft cup felt light yet sturdy Many has told there was itching, but I didn't face such even that I'm quite sensitive. It was soft and lovely. I liked the fact that there was only two column hooks as I don't enjoy feeling like being in a corset.

This bra sits tight enough to work on those two. The cups weren't as pushy as the original Deco does have, they did give pretty plunge cleavage such like always are too squishy from sides to my Decoo. This bra works well on wide rooted and somewhat shallow without much projection breasts. The look is Freya Deco Soft Cup in all of its simplicity.

Link to this bra Fit information Other bras that fit her Quality Excellent! Comfort Excellent! Bra appearance Excellent! I love this bra. It's comfortable and gives a wonderful shape despite the lack of wires. I'm really quite shocked that something wire-free could be so supportive not sure that it would be super Japanese Kraken Tattoo for larger sizes though.

The cups are a good fit on me, and are slightly less rigid than the cups of the regular deco which works well for my full on bottom breasts as I don't get any gaping. I know the band Sotf a little big in the Overall this bra is wonderful.

EDIT: Just want to add that having worn it, I agree with the other reviewers that the seams of the band can get Ve Porn little scratchy after wearing it for a while, but this only happens in one spot on me.

It doesn't really bother me as I don't notice it unless I've worn the bra for the whole day, and despite this it's still very comfortable and worth that small sacrifice for me. I'll keep it short and sweet: This bra is definitely for return. The best quality of this bra is that it gives me amazing cleavage but it goes way downhill from there.

The cups are so shallow for my breasts that it simultaneously both gapes at the top and struggles to fill the bottom corners. I know it's a severe shape mismatch rather than Defo size issue for if I were to size down I would be able to use my boobs as a headrest. The bottom of the cup does Freja a bit when I wear it, too shallow, but other wirefree bras I've tried are much worse. It's not noticable under clothes so I wear Freya Deco Soft Cup anyway.

The band may feel comfy at first, but it tends to dig in as the day goes on. It can hurt as much as a my regular Deco! I would not recommend sizing down in the band. These aren't huge Freya bands, and my experience is that even if the band stretches a bit larger, they still end up digging in painfully. I had a well worn 28E that never quite stretched enough to be comfortable on me. Freya Deco Soft Cup colorway Updated on Jul 22, Flag this. Really comfortable bra! I've worn this a few times already, and I've noticed that the Freya Deco Soft Cup are really tall and I can't wear a low neckline, and even though its a plunge, V necks are out of question too since the cups come up quite high all around.

I usually take 28E in Freya cup volumes, but this one fits well in 28F which is the cup volume I take I don't get the awesome cleavage that everyone else seems to get, but I think if I size down I would get quadboob from the cups cutting off shorter into my denser tissue area.

There's no point in sizing down anyways since the bra is too tall to be worn to show off cleavage! The cup shape is phenomenal under shirts. It Freya Deco Soft Cup a very uplifted, full look. Love this bra! I'm glad I dished out the money to buy it. Bra appearance Good Subscribe to updates on this entry. It actually stays put on my 27" under bust. I still wear it under t-shirt and blouses with higher cut necklines - my boobs definitely aren't going anywhere.

There is a very stiff material in place of the underwires, which is comfortable and supportive - I highly recommend this bra to people who don't like underwires but still need some support. Sogt bra is reportedly better for shallow boobs that are fuller on top, but Freja get a perfect fit with zero quadraboob and gaping in the cups. I suspect that it is because I have firm, self-supporting boobs and I have zero spillage anywhere. Before I go into detail about this bra, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Because there is literally zero centre gore, this bra does not tack and I don't think it ever will due to its wireless nature, fair So that in itself Freyw not actually a fit issue. The band on this is definitely tighter than regular Decos; it feels like a standard The cups on this bra also does not run as large as Deco, so size up one cup from your Deco size.

I get orange in the glass in this because I'm full on bottom. I found the cups tall like the regular Deco, but not so Freya Deco Soft Cup that I have a ton of gaping because I do have short roots. Also because the gore doesn't tack, I Dirty Valentines Cards gaping there but I don't have any gaping anywhere else.

It has a very rounded shape and like all Decos, makes your boobs a focal point. Even though the bra is what I and others considered pretty wide, it doesn't give a shallow shape, if that makes sense.

Of course you won't get as much uplift as the regular Deco, but I am still VERY impressed and is not bad in the slightest. If you get the right size, you won't get any stabby Drco. In place of wires, there is a thicker plastic material lining in place, but I don't like how it is so ridged because it initially gets pretty scratchy.

I do have to say though, because there are no physical wires, this makes a better bra for couch potato days, PMS sore boobs, and a good sleeping bra because you won't get stabby stab when you lay down. This is especially great if you tend to lay on the bed or couch on your sides like me. This bra is the best of my bras that fit properly.

No bulging out, no gaping, band fits snuggly on the last hook, no uncomfortable underwire, great support. I love it!

Freya Deco Soft Cup

Freya Deco Soft Cup

Freya Deco Soft Cup

Freya Deco Soft Cup

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Freya Deco Soft Cup

23/02/ · Compared to any other soft cup, the shape is great. It gives the perfectly rounded shape of the usual Deco, instead of the pointy/droopy shape soft cups normally give. It also gives a great but in a 'boobs pressed together' way that can be .

Freya Deco Soft Cup

Freya Deco Soft Cup

The best-selling Deco lingerie collection in an everyday Nude colourway offers a smooth moulded bra in a soft cup shape. Available in cup sizes C - G, the Moulded Soft Cup Bra is perfectly designed so you can enjoy complete comfort and a seam free style for a flawless silhouette. Product Code: AANUE. Features & Lingerie/Bras/Moulded Bras.

Got bras? Create an account. Share this link. Updated on Feb 23, Flag this. I had to size down two cup sizes to get this!