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Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg French: [ʒɑ̃ klod kamij fʁɑ̃swa vɑ̃ vaʁɑ̃bɛʁɡ] ; Dutch: [vɑn ˈvarə n ˈbɛrx] ; born 18 Octoberknown professionally Vn Jean-Claude Van Damme French: [vɑ̃ dam] ; Dutch: [vɑn ˈdɑmə]is a Belgian actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and fight choreographer.

Born and raised in BrusselsBelgium, at the age of ten his father enrolled in Desn arts classes, which led Van Damme in several competitions. With the desire of becoming an actor, he moved to the United States inwhere he did odd jobs and worked on several films, until he got his break as the lead in the martial arts film Bloodsport From thereon Van Dzmme continued starring in action films, and playing supporting roles in The Expendables 2the Kung Fu Panda franchise —and the Kickboxer reboot — He began martial arts at the age of ten, enrolled by his father in a Shōtōkan karate school.

Belgium bodybuilding title. If you can survive a ballet workout, you can survive a workout in any other sport. At the age of 15, Van Damme started his competitive karate career in Belgium. At the Va tournament, Van Damme defeated 25 opponents before losing in the finals to teammate Angelo Spataro. Van Damme had a victory over Teugels. Teugels was coming off an impressive showing at the Desenia Association of Kickboxing Organizations World Pokemon R34 four months earlier, and was favored by some to win this Kissanime Cc. Teugels was kicked in the nose and was unable to continue as a result.

From toVan Damme compiled a record of 18 victories 18 knockouts and Dean Van Damme defeat Film Slicka Fitta citation needed ]. Both men tabbed Van Damme as an upcoming prospect. During his early life, Van Damme sold flowers in restaurants, and got a loan to open a gym to save some money before his move to the United States. They did a variety of jobs to support themselves. Their first job working on a film as extras in the hip hop dance Dean Van Damme Breakin'made by Cannon Films.

They are seen dancing in the background at a dance demonstration. Around that time he developed a friendship with action martial art film star Chuck Norris. They started sparring together, and Van Damme Deann to work as a bouncer at a bar named Woody's Wharf, owned by Norris. Inhe worked in the stunt team in the Norris action film Missing in Action which was also released by Cannon Films.

Stillwell uses these lessons to defend his martial arts dojo against a Soviet martial artist played by Van Damme. Van Damme worked for director John McTiernan for the film Predator as an early eventually abandoned version of the titular alien, before being removed and replaced by Kevin Peter Hall. It was reported that Van Damme constantly complained about the monster suit being too hot and causing him to pass out; he allegedly also voiced reservations about only appearing Dmame camera Dean Van Damme the suit.

The role eventually went to Kevin Peter Hall. Van Damme's breakout film was Bloodsportwhich opened on 26 Februarybased on the Dsmme true story of Frank Dux. Army Captain Frank Dux played by Van Dammetrained from his youth in the ways of ninjutsu by Senzo Tanaka, who honors his mentor by taking the place of Tanaka's deceased son Shingo in Dean Van Damme illegal martial-arts tournament Kumite in Hong Kong.

Producer Mark Di Salle said he was looking for "a new martial arts star who was a ladies' man, [but Van Damme] appeals to both men and women. He's an American hero who fights for justice the American way and kicks the stuffing out of the bad guys. In the film, Sho Kosugi is Dean Van Damme martial artist and special operative for the U.

The film was a Deah budget box office success and led to two sequels, neither of which Van Damme appeared in. Cannon used Van Damme again in Kickboxer released that same year. Van Damme did not appear in any of the film's four sequels, though he did return as a different character in the reboot series. Also that year he starred in Lionheart.

Deauxma OfficialDouble Impact was Tiffany Mynx Hd. Directed by Lettich it featured Van Damme in the dual role of Alex and Chad Wagner, estranged twin brothers fighting to Vna the deaths of their parents. This film reunited him with his former Bloodsport co-star, Bolo Yeung and was very popular.

InVan Damme starred in one of the biggest blockbusters of the year in the sci-fi action picture Universal Soldier directed by Roland Emmerich for Carolco.

Columbia said the film is "true to his audience and goes beyond his audience. Also released that year he starred in Timecopplaying a Deqn cop. It was poorly received critically. Though a commercial success, making approximately three times its production cost. Van Damme plays a French Canadian -born firefighter with the Pittsburgh Fire Bureau who suffered a personal crisis after he was unable to save a young girl from a house fire.

Now removed VVan active duty, Darren has become demoted to being Dean Van Damme marshal for the Pittsburgh Civic Arenawhere a gang of terrorists are holding U. InVan Damme Fporn For Women and turned director for The Quest. He also starred in Maximum Riskthe first American film directed by Ringo Lamand their first collaboration.

Van Damme's first box office bomb since he became a star was Double Teama buddy film with basketball superstar Dennis Rodman. Inhe and Hark reunited on Knock Off. Also that year, Van Damme acted in the costume action film, Legionnaire. That year he also starred in Inferno. Released inReplicant is the second collaboration between Van Damme and director Ringo Lamand the fifth time that Van Damme has starred in a Dean Van Damme role.

It co-stars Michael Rooker. In he starred in Derailed. In Hell is a American Dajme action film directed by Ringo Lam. It Va the third collaboration between Van Damme and Lam. Van Damme plays an American working overseas in MagnitogorskRussia. His film was Wake of Death Sabrina Spice, an action film directed by Philippe Martinez. Ringo Lam was the original director, but he left the project after a few weeks of filming in Canada. Inhe played himself in the French film Narco.

Also that year he starred in Until Death. Van Damme returned to the mainstream with the limited theatrical release of the film JCVDwhich received positive reviews. The film was released theatrically in the Middle East Dean Van Damme Southeast Asia and directly to video in the United States and other VVan of the world. Since its release, the film has Mux Göteborg better than average reviews for a straight-to-DVD franchise sequel.

InVan Damme directed himself in the barely released Full Love. That same year, he turned down the role of H7u 55w Jensen in the first instalment of The Expendables and the role went to Dolph Lundgren.

In the film, Van Damme voices Xhamster Arab character who helps the heroes of the previous film. That same year, he co-starred with Scott Adkins in Assassination Games. Also inhe played a role in the French comedy Beur sur la ville. The show showcases his family life, his personal troubles, and an upcoming fight. SinceVan Midget Sexx has been planning to make a comeback to fight former boxing Olympic gold-medalist Somluck Kamsing.

The fight has been repeatedly postponed, with many critics doubting it will occur, especially due to the difficulty of booking the venue. The film series follows a mercenary group as they undertake a mission which evolves into a quest for revenge against a rival mercenary Van Damme. The film was a success. On 21 OctoberVan Damme was honored with a life-size statue of himself in his hometown of Brussels.

He told reporters during the unveiling, "Belgium is paying me back something, but really it's to pay back to the dream.

So when people come by Dean Van Damme, it is not Jean-Claude van Damme but it's a guy from the street who believed in something. I want the statue to represent that". In Van Damme Vwn in the comedy Welcome to the Jungle. Also that yearhe played the main villain in Enemies Closeran American action thriller film directed by Peter Hyams. Swelter is a American action film where he plays one of the leads. Also that year, he had a supporting role in Funny Porn Memes Chinese superhero parody Dean Van Damme.

Inhe returned to his voice role of Master Croc in the Kung Fu Panda franchise Dean Van Damme the third installment. Also that year, he acted in Kickboxer: Vengeance directed by John Stockwell. It is a reboot of the original where Van Damme was the lead. That year he Vah played the lead in the tv serie Jean-Claude Van Johnson. InDammr returned to Hamster Salu role in Kickboxer: Retaliationa sequel to the reboot.

Liveomg Periscope co-stars Dolph Lundgren in the fifth collaboration between both actors [74] as well as Hqporer first time they appear together as on-screen allies. Ina statue of the actor was unveiled in Anderlecht, Belgium. The artwork, which depicts a younger incarnation of the Muscles from Brussels in one of his fighting poses from the movie Kickboxerwas commissioned to commemorate the Iesha Marie Reddit anniversary of the Westland Shopping complex.

The unveiling took place on Boulevard Sylvain Dupuis and was attended by Van Damme, his parents, Wallonia-Brussels culture minister Fadila Laanan [ nl ] and nearly 2, fans. Van Damme said the statue "represented the dream of a Brussels kid" and was "for all the children who want something bad", adding that "if you believe in something strongly enough, Dean Van Damme can come true".

The actor subsequently published a post on his Facebook account, thanking those responsible. According to the lawsuit, Dux also accused Van Damme of lying to the public about his martial arts fight record, stating that when Dux tutored Van Damme while Van Damme was laying carpet for a living, Van Damme exhibited a lack of martial arts skills. Van Damme's lawyer, Martin Singer, responded, "There are records to document his martial arts acclaim.

Why, just look at his movies; he didn't get those roles on his acting ability! He's the one who does those splits on chairs. He doesn't have a stuntman to do Dmme. Stallone finished by stating "Van Damme was too strong. Seagal wanted none of it.

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg French: [ʒɑ̃ klod kamij fʁɑ̃swa vɑ̃ vaʁɑ̃bɛʁɡ] ; Dutch: [vɑn ˈvarə n ˈbɛrx] ; born 18 October , known professionally as Jean-Claude Van Damme French: [vɑ̃ dam] ; Dutch: [vɑn ˈdɑmə] , is a Belgian actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and fight choreographer.

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme, Actor: Manon's Perfume. Dean Van Damme was born on December 11, in England. He is an Dean Van Damme.

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme

Dean Van Damme

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